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Side Gluer Folders And Stitchers ( Box Finishing After Conversion )

A new range of folder gluer for normal boxes, Die cut boxes printed boxes, Lock bottom boxes and two PC printed boxes is introduced now and giving customer a free hand of choice to select model an his requirement and budget, these machines not only save labour but give productivity with minimum investment.
Auto feeding
Combined pressure conveyor delivery
Simple fold method after gluing with fully sticking of box
Options available single grinder, Double grinder, double gluer with single of double grinder
Grinder options for those who stick coated and laminated printing box.
Size available: 1500 x 1100, 1800 x 1100

2 PC folder gluer is technology upgradtion of a normal folder gluer machine, this new model glue with box and joint it in centre and standard final folding adopts manual semi auto folding to make two PC box, this machine is ideal for such medium range printed and non printed boxes where the box mfrs. prefers small 2 PC to make one box.

Folder Gluer for lock bottom boxes is another upgradation in Semi Auto Folder Gluer Boxes. It is fitted with pneumatic spray glue gun which glue the flaps and locking mechanism close the box.
ModelFeeding AreaSpeed
TS 18001800 X 1100 mm2500 Single, 3500 Double
TS 15001500 X 1100mm2500 Single, 3500 Double

Allied Machines for Corrugating Packaging Considering requirement of Corrugator we have offered an Allied series of machines for post corrugation sheet to make final boxes. Its includes Semi Auto Folder Gluer for universal boxes, Rotary Die Cutter, Platen Die Cutter, Semi /Auto Die Cutter, Manul/Servo type commons stitchers, Film Laminators, Laminated sheet separator and other Allied machines and spares including Gum mixers and strapping machines. Semi Auto Folder Gluer is ideal machine for gluing the boxes & folding
ModelMax Size (L-M)+2Max Size (L-M)+2Max Size (W-H)+2Min Size (W-H)+2Height of Factor
TS 28002800 mm600 mm1515 mm260 mm900 mm

Semi auto box stitcher servo based
option 1.2 and 4 servo models
Stacker unit
Options of 1 and 2 PC Box
Model & Configuration
Maximum Size (A + B) X 24000400054006000
Minimum Size (A + B) X 21000100010601060
Minimum Length A2850285028502850
Maximum Length A350350350350
Minimum Length B1000120012001200
Maximum Length B180180180180
Maximum Size (C+D+C)2500250025002500
Minimum Size (C+D+C)400400400400
Maximum Cover C550550550550
Minimum Cover C50505050
Maximum Height D2000200020002000
Minimum Height D150150150150
Maximum width of Nail Tongue45454545
Nail Distance30-15030-15030-15030-150
Order Number1-991-991-991-99
Maximum Speed500500500500

Automatic turns off in the top and the two parts can be completed simultaneously taped while saving time and labour
Applicable to a wide range of cartons, cardboard boxes of different sizes to adjust quick and easy.
Stable and reliable strong and beautiful packaging effect.
Equipment is simple, easy maintenance.
Automatically correct carton straight angle, 180 degree correction, effectively correct scissors fork, fish phenomenon. PLC HMI front and rear dual-frequency synchronous operation

ModelTS / AFG 2000TS / AFG 2400TS / AFG 2800
Max Board Size1000 X 2000 mm1000 X 2000 mm1200 X 2800 mm
Min Board Size300 X 680 mm300 X 800 mm300 X 800 mm
Installation area2400 X 13500 mm2800 X 155003000 X 15500 mm
Power Required11.5 mm11.5 mm11.5 mm