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Box Making Machines

High speed feeding, printing, slotting, die cutting and stacking 5 components in one machine.
PLC controls
Spray type lubrication
Pneumatic inking
Electric type slotting unit (Full movement)

Automatic lead edge feeder integrated Options for 1/2/3/4 colour printing
Touch screen for feeding control
Electric movement of slotter break (left & right)
Pneumatic opening/locking of each unit
Rotary die cutting attachment options
Slotting head options on die cutting unit.
Technical Data
ModelPrinting AreaFeeding AreaSpeed
TS 2000 L950 X 1800950 X 180080 -100/min
TS 2200 L950 X 2000950 X 220080 -100/min
TS 2400 L950 X 2200950 X 240080 -100/min
TS 2600 L950 X 2400950 X 260080 -100/min

Available in : 1/2/3/4 Colour options
Chain feeder
Digital movement of slotting blade 360 degree
Anolox roll 225-230 DPI for precise printing
Natural grade high quality Rubber Roll
Pneumatic locking and opening of each unit, pneumatic inking
ModelPrinting AreaFeeding Area Speed
TS 2000 CF2000X14502200X14500.60
TS 2200 CF2200X14502400X14500.60
TS 2400 CF2400X14502400X14500.60
TS 2600 CF2600X14502800X14500.60

Printing Machines also available with Rotary Die Cutting options. It can be attached with a slotting head on Rotary cylinder as well as an independent slitter scorer unit.

Chain feeder
Working Width 2000×1400 to 3000×1400
2000×1600 to 3000×1600 Electric feeder
Chain feeder
Working Width 2000×1400 to 3000×1400
2000×1600 to 3000×1600 Electric feeder
Semi Auto Chain feeder
Digital size setting for slotting blocks
Semi Auto Chain feeder

Printing, Slotting and Rotary Die Cutting Machine with conveyor feeder, stacker

Rotary Die Cutting unit can be supplied as independent or a combined unit with printing machines

can be attached with Rotary Die Cutting and Printing Machines